Thursday, January 27, 2011


I guess I can post something! How about a quick recap to cover what we've missed since...yikes! August?! We'll start with Christmas and move backwards because Blogger sucks like that.

Christmas, Wahoo!

It's like a bottomless sock of awesome!

Leaf piles

Silly Elliet

Kenai climbed a tree at Grandma and Papaw's

Holy freaking goodness, I met my BROTHER!
(we sent this pic to Emily when I got there)


A black cat, a transformer, a ladybug and a fairy

Jayden fell asleep with a chicken nugget in his mouth. Yes he did.

Reading in the sun

Pumpkin painting

Elliet learned how to blow a bubble

Sophia started showing her personality

Ziva took a job as a fry cook

Elliet and Kenai built an airplane

Ziva turned TWO!

The girls went hiking with daddy

Kenai started Kindergarten!

Plenty of time spent watching Buffy

A bath in the sink while the tub was getting fixed

Horseback riding during a trip to a goat farm with
Bethan and her family

Everybody helps take care of Sophie


Christie said...

i love these, makes me realize I've missed them! (the pics, not the girls, I already knew that! ;)

Emily said...

They are getting so big! I hope you are all well. Hugs.