Tuesday, April 06, 2010


One of the small things that gets much more difficult
with a third child? Posed pictures.
This is the best one of the three of them.

This is Kenai's "I AM smiling!"

We had lunch and an egg hunt at Auntie Em and Jason's new house.

So sweet! I love that we get to spend Halloween and Easter
with Flipper and Jayden. He was just a baby the first time they
came up to Dayton with us!

Jayden loves his Ellie

We are all pretty fond of Emily's boyfriend, Jason.
He is so great with the kids!


Sandra said...

Great pics! Your daughters are all growing into such beautiful big girls.

Anonymous said...

Pictures are great of all of the kids, and yes after 2 kids it gets harder to get them to all sit still to pose at one time.