Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ziva loves the snow, when we go out,
she is always trying to veer away from me to walk in it.
She played in this bowl until it was completely melted!

Of course, that was after she first grabbed it
with both hands and then winced in pain and said, "OWWW!"

We put some food coloring in water in a spray bottle, the girls loved it!

Kenai wrote the bottom one, she's so proud!!

Meet our newest "straggler" Sophia! Yep, she is *that* cute!

They all pile onto the heat vent after coming in from the snow

Showing off her froggy boots

This is the face. The one that shows up every night
about ten minutes after we put her to bed.
She needs water or a different nightlight or
Ziva's keeping her awake. You know the drill!

She's always trying to find the balance between
being a big girl and being a baby.

Sometimes she really wants to be the big girl

And sometimes she really wants to be the baby!

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