Saturday, December 05, 2009


We look forward to this holiday all year long! We spend too few days with Jedd's family. We stay up late talking, we play board games everyday, the cousins run around together all day, it's really pretty perfect!

Luke and Logan at the duck pond

Walking to the duck pond

Grandma and Papaw rented a bouncy house
for one full day!

Jedd stayed in to protect Kenai

Emily striking a Word Girl pose

Playing checkers

Logan and Ziva

Emily and Ziva

Logan pulling Luke

They always want to play in the back of Papaw's truck

In her Uncle Jeremy's old rocker

Movie time, we watched Up a couple of times, Julianne called it "BLOONS!!"

Kenai gets around with her cuddling

Logan with Uncle Jedd

Ready for the DNC

Helping with the rolls

Aunt Kathy with the hardest job, supervising the help!


Christie said...

great pics! can't wait til we have another visit (without me working this time)!

Jeremy said...

and working plumbing. Think log cabin nestle in the mountains!