Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mostly Ziva. It IS her birthday!

Looking for a cuddle

If she doesn't get it she'll rub underwear in your face...

Looking for the puppy

There she is!

So pretty!

Silly girls with French braids. They wouldn't let me get a profile!


Elliet started first grade a few weeks ago. We were nervous about the big class and the long day but she is doing very well. She was bummed at first by all the learning they had to do, "It's not like my old school." She's getting used to the work and she's making some friends so I hope we'll have a great year. Kenai started preschool this morning and loved it. She is in the small co-op nursery school that Elliet went to for Kindergarten and I'm sure she's gonna have a great year.