Sunday, July 12, 2009


Kenai and Kerewin have become good friends.
Kerewin climbed into her bed during the last few storms
and fourth of July weekend.

Heading home after a long weekend in Dayton


Keen fashion sense


Kathy said...

I promise, each time I check on your blog I miss you guys more and more!

Watch that chalk on the front porch! We did that and I kept getting had blue footprints in my house for a week until the chalk washed off. From now on the chalk pictures go where we won't walk over them! :-)

Christie said...

so cute! - I love it that Kerewin and Kenai have become best buds. Xander and Jules are a little like that - except for Xander's not down with snuggling with her. :) I dreamt about being on a family vacation with you guys last night. if only . . .