Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Arrives


What happens when you send your kid with another family

Kindergarten - Fin

Getting ready for a hike


Christie said...

such great pics! that is hilarious. I think Elle Tator is a beautiful name. :) She looks so grown up with her glasses. I can't believe Ziva either. Jeanetta's right, Ziva is about as big and Julianne. I can't wait for Thanksgiving - I think they'll all have a great time together.

Round Peg Inna Square Hole said...

Awana! Rory did 2 meetings of Cubbies here, but it was a weird group, so she'll start at a different church in the fall.

Love Elle Tator, though!

Leighdleblog said...

We'll be seeing you this summer, right? Those kiddos are too cute! Gabe needs to play with some girl cousins...

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