Sunday, December 06, 2009

More from the trip

These were on Ellie's camera!

Pennies they squished in a machine in West Virginia

Elusive Grandma and Julianne




Saturday, December 05, 2009


We look forward to this holiday all year long! We spend too few days with Jedd's family. We stay up late talking, we play board games everyday, the cousins run around together all day, it's really pretty perfect!

Luke and Logan at the duck pond

Walking to the duck pond

Grandma and Papaw rented a bouncy house
for one full day!

Jedd stayed in to protect Kenai

Emily striking a Word Girl pose

Playing checkers

Logan and Ziva

Emily and Ziva

Logan pulling Luke

They always want to play in the back of Papaw's truck

In her Uncle Jeremy's old rocker

Movie time, we watched Up a couple of times, Julianne called it "BLOONS!!"

Kenai gets around with her cuddling

Logan with Uncle Jedd

Ready for the DNC

Helping with the rolls

Aunt Kathy with the hardest job, supervising the help!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Posting Light

I haven't posted much here lately. I post everything to Facebook and then it feels redundant to put it here. I will probably try and pick up the posting here though because I'd like to get these printed and bound at some point.

Ziva and her silly daddy

Wow, so cute!

I thought she would stir and bang. She had other plans.

Elliet asked me to take this with her camera

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat!

This year was our third year to go trick or treating with Flipper and Jayden. We always have a great time and this year was no exception! The girls planned to go as princesses. Of course, I encouraged this since we had just bought princess costumes for their friend's birthday party! It was pretty chilly out so they were princesses under their jackets.

Kenai wanted to keep her tshirt on underneath.

I did Elliet's makeup when she dressed up for Awana earlier in the week
but this time we were running late. Fortunately there's always time for colored hairspray!

Ready to go! Jayden's a rock star. We tried to get him to wear Kenai's rat
costume from last year but he insisted it was a rabbit and refused to wear it!
So we spiked his hair and sprayed it red. With the new leather jacket, he looked good!

Jayden was the star of the show. He would run up to the door yelling, "trick or treat! trick or treat! trick or treat!" And the "Thank You!!!" He was so excited he'd run back to us and 2 or 3 times he tripped and spilled his candy all over the yard! People could have been handing out marbles and he would have been just as excited.

Pretty girls!

Ready to go home

The loot


Ziva looking adorable in her Bengals
gear from Uncle Brent and Aunt Lisa

Headed to a princess birthday party

Sometimes Kenai and I get a little bored sitting in the van
waiting for Elliet to get out of school. Those are the times I
really love having the iPhone with it's games and camera...

We were being pirates, "ARRR!!"

Ziva's been doing a lot of imitation play.
She brushes her hair, aims the remote at the tv
and loves trying to carry a purse on her shoulder.

Elliet was student of the week so we got to come eat lunch with her at school!

Now that we are back in school, we visit the library every week.

Kenai wanted to make this box into a robot.
They got a lot of use out of it!

Eventually the box became this:
Some sort of bunny death chamber? Who knows.