Saturday, June 28, 2008

An "Ampah" Day

Friday we had a great day! Grandpa dug up some worms in the backyard and took us fishing. First we had lunch at Skyline, great way to start any outing. Then we fed the ducks and went fishing.

Elliet had the touch. She could drop her line in and pull it right back up with a blue gill hooked!

Kenai, not so much. She dropped her line in but didn't want anything to do with the fish!

Right after I snapped this picture the fish started wriggling.
She dropped the pole and screamed!

After fishing, we went up to get ice cream. We were SOOO hot! Right after we got under the main shelter the rain started pouring. So we ate our ice cream with a nice misty wind blowing on us.

Perfect summer day!


Anonymous said...

It was the bestest "ampah" day ever. Glad you girls had fun fishin. Love ya, Ampah Sabin

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures....what great times to experience. Would have love to have seen the expression on their faces when they caught their first one!!!! Love you all... Papaw (NC)