Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holiday Weekend

This morning, Elliet wanted Kenai to come and play in their room. Kenai had to stop to pull up her shorts so Elliet says, "I have a great place where you can pull up your pants, come on!"
Our weekend was nice. Saturday morning we had the parade which comes right down our street. It's over before it starts but we get the shriners in their mini cars, Big Boy and this year even Steve Chabot showed up. It's small town so everybody justs walks themselves, including Rob Portman (oops) Todd Portune who uses a walker. Like Jedd said, "I don't know anything about his politics but that's impressive."
With the rest of our weekend I watched season 2 of Heroes while Jedd cleaned the house and spent most of Monday setting up the girls new bunkbeds. I was sick. A little lazy, but mostly sick.


Future RN said...

I like the bunk bed digs. What did you do with the toddler beds? I'm sure you are saving at least one. Susan could use one for Abel.
Tell Jedd I'm sorry that he had to clean. ;)

Christie said...

I love love love the new beds. How cool are they! Big hugs for the big girls and a pat for the tiny one. Love you guys!