Thursday, March 27, 2008

Holiday at Childrens Hospital

At least it was Easter and not Christmas! My mom and sister cooked the usual stuff and brought it to the hospital. Kenai got to see Elliet and they played together the whole time. No egg hunt but I think they'll (I mean I'll) get over it!
We got to come home Tuesday and Kenai has done great so far. Only one seizure in the last two days. We will be following up with a great neurologist. The one we had before is great on paper but we never saw him and neither he nor his nurse could be bothered to come all the way down the hall to see Kenai while we were inpatient. So we feel good about the future and just hope we can go a little while here without any major upset. She'll also be starting occupational, physical and speech therapies next week and will continue those twice a week.
Here's hoping life smooths out a bit!

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