Friday, March 07, 2008

2 Weeks Out

Kenai seems to be healing very well, her incision looks great and her curve is getting better. She will need physical therapy in a few weeks to work on the muscles in her neck that are still trying to pull her head over. She's really good about wearing her collar, even when her neck hurts.
This weekend she started having seizures after having only one in the last month. She had four between Sunday night and Monday morning. We've added some medicines to her routine (she's up to 6 kinds a day) This seemed to help until yesterday when she had several more seizures, one of which knocked her to the floor. Her post-op appointment was yesterday so they did x-rays to make sure the fall didn't hurt anything. Then our surgeon gently laid into our neurologist's nurse practitioner about doing whatever they need to do to control the seizures over the next few weeks while she's healing. So they've got her doped up pretty good. She's on more medications than she would be (without surgery) because they need to switch meds while keeping her from seizuring--not an easy task. So she's doing well but still needs prayer, still not totally out of the woods. It seems that we'll have less to worry about in about four weeks.

Monday's itty-bitty taste of spring:

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