Sunday, February 17, 2008

Practicing for Wednesday

Izzy Stevens look out! That is one cute surgeon!

Another one Elliet took, she's inherited her Aunt Julie's talent!

Kenai didn't want to wear the mask at first, she'd rather give daddy the gas!

Channeling Doogie Howser

Big sister does the trick

Hmmm, that's a look of consternation if I ever saw one!


Christie said...

That's House - the early years! hee hee hee

St said...

Thanks for that laugh!

Jenny said...

You look so pretty in that photo of you with just your eyes showing. Like movie star-ish. I want to be pregnant so I can have a movie start glow too.

Emily said...

We're still praying for you! The girlies are too cute in all the hospital get-up. I love that you thought to get Kenai ready for what she's going to see. I wouldn't have thought of that! You're going to have to coach me once I get pregnant!!

Seriously, though, we're praying. And once you're home, food's on the way!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful kids, Sarah. We're praying for you all. I can't believe how big Elliot is and how much Kenai looks like Elliot did! It's crazy. We're praying. You're an amazing mom. Love you! Annie