Friday, January 25, 2008

I swear posting will look better after I'm caught up...

Elliet with her favorite new "relative" Gus (Auntie Emmy's yorkie-poo)

What is it about pigtails?

Somewhat random as I don't usually post pictures we didn't take...this is Isabella, my cousin's new baby. She's just too perfect not to post.
PS There's another new bebe at the NC Tudors link to the right...another beauty!

Loads of Fun

Pretty, Pretty Princess...don't blame me, his mom did it, I swear!


Elliet's Own Photography

Okay, I don't really know if she took this one but it's more likely her than Jedd!


She's my (guitar) hero

What they do when you don't feed them



One of those random things they love to do. (Filling Jayden's bed with everything they can find)

The One and Only

Okay, I have been on a forced leave due to a deadly computer virus. I am borrowing a computer from this lovely friend so I can post a few pics for you. This is the only picture I have from Christmas. I have some video and will hopefully get pictures from my parents for you. In the meantime, I'll post all the other pics we no particular order!