Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Sleeping Post

Little Boo decided to have her own sleepover with Kerewin in the living room.

Speaking of Stragglers

Remember this little cutie?

Jaden's back for a slumber party visit with her little sister Alexandria (Boo)

The Cute Post

Isabelle's ADORABLE cousin, Harrison (Harry)

Houseguests and Blackmail

So, our favorite stragglers have moved in with us and we've been having a blast! Not to mention some great pictures for teenage blackmail!

Leaving Mommy Speechless

I didn't notice it at first, when she came out and said she had drawn music...

She says Grandma J taught her but if anyone out there knows for sure who it was...please comment it! (It's kinda freakin' me out!)

The Salad Post

Had to take this one because she refused to believe she had dressing on her face!

The Playdoh Post

The Sunglass Post