Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finally, a holiday with pictures!

Ever hunt for tights after a surprise cold spell the night before Easter? It's not pretty.

Looking oh, so perfectly GEEKED!

Egg hunt in Dayton

She gets to find the "hard" ones!

He just kept eating it, straight through the peel. Ick.

But Wait, There's More!

We can't forget Ireland, TOTALLY one of our stragglers

I mean, look at her! Seriously, I can't believe we won't be keeping her for weekends anymore. *sniff*

I think she climbed in to protest Ireland leaving. Raising little activists? A mother can only hope!

Sammi performing her voodoo on Elliet. She may have to be bumped up to straggler sister status soon!

Jayden and Ronna

What is a whole mess of stragglers you ask?

Well, here's Jayden

Here's one of ours playing dress-up

Kenai with her new best friend, Samantha

My most special little straggler sister, Flipper, and her baby boy, Jayden

Another of our own, Kenai in her own get-up

Monday, April 02, 2007

Speaking of Connections

You remember Lincoln, this is him at Elliet's birthday party last year. After having Elliet, we moved upstairs to our hospital room and there were the Jones' in the room across from us. Lincoln was born the day before!
Well, the Jones boys are rather unforgettable for lots of other reasons as well. I finally decided I HAD to link to this because maybe there was a person out there who had not heard it. I have listened to it everyday and today, at the end, Kenai yelled, "AGAIN!" So, again it is, you MUST hear Lincoln singing. There's no direct link so go to Kobe and Lincoln on the sidebar. Do it now. You'll be glad you did.

It's Just Easier

Keep the kids in a box, it really is easier for everyone.

It's Spring! (is too)

If you thought the jokes about Ohio were extreme...the ones about running your AC one day and heat the next...they're not.
For instance, tomorrow we have a high of 83, followed the very next day by a high of 45.
Still, we've already been to a cookout and put the girls to bed covered in sand. Last night, Kenai left church without her, we've had our taste. Bring it on, Ohio, we can take it!

A little pre-bed movie (and it's still light out!)