Sunday, February 25, 2007

Girls Only Weekend

Daddy went out of town so it was just us girls all weekend!

Napping together

They like each other!! (shh, don't tell them you know!)

More Fun with Boxes

I already have visions of them going off to college together...


He had to come try on some hats and mop my kitchen one more time before he moves!

Think THAT Was Bad?

Kenai turned two this month and these are the only two pictures taken on our camera. So, I felt a little bad for not taking many Christmas pictures but the girls were sick. My excuse this time? I was in party mode...30 guests, food, favors, etc. Seriously, the non-photo parent cannot also be the non-party throwing parent. Yes, I'm blaming Jedd.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kenai Tries to Walk Through Snow

More Snow!

Last week we got the best kind of snow for playing in. Not great for forts or snowballs I guess but perfect for toddlers!


Okay, yes, she needs her own hat.