Thursday, January 25, 2007

Don't Thank Me, Thank Miss Cat

Yeah, playing outside today, not my idea! She told Elliet I'd take them outside after naps. It turned out to be a nice little, freezing cold, walk but they couldn't play in the snow because I don't have Bella's snow gear yet.

Time for Bed

Looking Pretty For Chruch

So, lately, she's usually in a shirt, diaper and snow boots but when it's time to go somewhere, she cleans up nice!

Trying to Fix Pablo

Oh good, hold him still for a minute, Mom, I've been trying to figure this thing out.
Elijah, checking things out.

Unrelated Cute Dog Post

Jedd's parents are leaving Georgia and this is a dog Tim took care of from time to time. They don't come much cuter!


During their visit, Grandma and Papaw brought puppets, the girls loved them!


This is Elliet feeding the fish and frog...

And here's Kenai serenading them.

It's Not Much

But it's SOMETHING. Christmas pictures were scarce, the girls were feeling pretty crummy and, for the most part, refused to open gifts or have any fun until we got back to our house in the evening and they had been properly medicated all day.
Here's one good one at my parents' when we got our season pass to the zoo.

Here's one from after we got back to our house and they finally got into the spirit of things, Jedd's parents were here for the fun stuff. Here's Kenai with her first baby doll.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Here's a Picture (Corrie)

Auntie Em and Kenai Christmas day. I'll post more eventually but I did not take any (yes, yes, bad mommy, I know) so I'm waiting on more from family. The kids were sick Christmas day but things were pretty nice anyway. I hate to admit I'm glad it's over!