Thursday, November 30, 2006

(h)Mmmm Pieeezza(Homer Drool/)

Kenai being silly...she never actually ate the pizza, just a few of the toppings off the floor.

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Thanksgiving Week

Kenai being generous with Casey

Elliet and Luke swinging with Papa

Elliet's Siesta

Kenai found all the supplies and set it up herself. Bet you didn't know you can bunt in t-ball!

Cousins and a lizard, what a week!

Papa with Luke, Logan and Emily

Elliet watching a movie with Papa

Kenai (with her random arsenal of comfort) and Papa

Around the House

Three Amigas

Crushing crackers for meatloaf...of course, McKenzie tried to eat them...through the bag!!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Banana Bread

Kenai (This is tougher than it looks. Oh well, at least I'm finally big enough to be up here.)

Isabelle (Yes, I'll pretend to stir, just take the picture, lady.)

McKenzie (Can I eat it?!!) I'd say that's what she's thinking 80% of her day!

Taking Their Cues from Isaiah

More Grape-Nuts...

I know, I know...I need to replace the cabinet lock. I just thought we were safe when Isaiah wasn't here!

Not so fun when they stick to your feet!

Because Camping Outside is too Cold

Daddy got us a tent! Okay, it was a five year gift from work...but still.

We LOVE it! It's been up for more than a week now (in our house that's less than 800 sq ft!)

Some Outside Time


and bubbles...sort of

Kenai's a little nervous of walking through the leaves but once she gets into it, she has a great time. She doesn't like it when she can't see what's underneath. She had the same reaction to her first bubble bath, she wouldn't sit down until I moved the bubbles so she could see the bottom! I feel the same way in a murky lake or ocean.

Isabelle is the opposite, she'll jump in, sight unseen. She even dumps the water over her own head in the tub.

Let's Go Get CANDY!!

Halloween Night

If you know Elliet, you probably won't believe this but when it comes to trick-or-treating...she's a social butterfly. Seriously, she is chatty and excited and loves talking to the neighbors. It's amazing what kids will do for candy.

Feed Your Children Well

Mmmm, ramen

...and bologna, which she masterfully turned into a mask.