Monday, October 16, 2006

Lula's Birthday Party

Lula had a costume party for her fourth birthday. Elliet's wings stayed on for about 15 seconds!

Reluctant puppy Kenai with Aunt Jen

Playing on the climber

Daddy clown and baby monsters! Dan with Hilly and Coco

Quite possibly the best thing about birthday parties,
Your own can of Coke...

Tables full of treats...a whole big bowl of gummy bears!

and Orange Crush

The birthday girl!

Kenai and Ruby scooping ice water

Kenai in boots (with a balloon stuck to her back!)

Elliet and Jedd, partners in costumelessness

Hair-raising fun

Mommy Cheetah, Baby Puppy


Christie said...

They are so precious! I wish we lived closer - then, you guys could come to our Halloween party. Give that little butterfly and puppy a big hug from Aunt Christie. Love you guys!

Tyson's Blog said...

Hey, thanks for posting the pics. It's so nice to keep up with the girls...they're so precious! Miss you guys!
~Aunt Debby