Tuesday, September 26, 2006


You Try Telling Them

You can't BOTH fit in the shoe basket!

It's Not ALL They Do

Watching a movie

Push Pops

I thought they'd be less messy than regular suckers

Kenai in the Fort

Plenty of Indirect Sunlight

Elliet at 15 months old

Kenai at 19 months old

Why I Take the Pictures

This is what we get when Jedd has the camera:

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Early Bird

The only (naturally) early riser in our house

Mashing Potatoes

Bunny Ears

Messy Lunch

Monday, September 18, 2006


Finally got our pictures up. Most of them are from our hike to the top of Diamond Head, the only real activity we did! The rest of the week, we did a lot of walking around Waikiki, watching the ocean and surfers and laying around the pool. It was a much needed break!