Tuesday, December 27, 2005


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Christmas afternoon in Dayton

Elliet playing ball with her new best friend, Charlie (Auntie Emmy's boyfriend)

Once she opened this gift from Auntie Emmy, she didn't even want to open any more. Just sweep the house and vacuum...just like her aunt!

Kenai loved her gift from Auntie Emmy too, she's dancing here, the life of the party! Posted by Picasa

Christmas Eve Gifts

They get to open one each per Sabin custom.

She's been practicing standing alone.

Kenai with gift from Grandma and Papaw Tudor.

Elliet with her gift from Grandma and Papaw Tudor. Posted by Picasa

What a 5am bottle looks like

When she's done, she'll drunkenly flop her arm around, find a binky, put it in her mouth backwards, fix it and go back to sleep. Posted by Picasa

Mashed Potatoes

Only on a bath day! Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 16, 2005

More baking

Elliet's getting more and more involved in the Christmas cookie-baking marathons. If anyone's wondering why they didn't get a card from us this year, this is why. I had to cut out some holiday projects and OBVIOUSLY the cookies would not be one of them!!
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Kenai and Kerewin

Playing tug

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