Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fear and Loathing

Two weekends ago I was going out to WalMart (I know, boo, hiss) and decided to take Elliet so Jedd could get some things done around the house. For some reason, Colerain was completely backed up , literally stop and go. You may recall that Elliet gets very, puking car sick. Sure enough, she throws up all over herself. I hadn't brought a change of clothes since we were just running to the store (I now keep spares in the trunk) Luckily, we were in front of the children's consignment shop where I buy most of the girls' clothes. I got her out of the car and had no choice but to strip her down to her diaper, take her in the store that way and buy her an outfit. You can imagine the looks...but the story continues. I was trying to get her back in her carseat while talking to Jedd on the phone and getting all the puky things bagged and into the trunk. We pull back into the crazy traffic jam. WalMart is maybe another mile up the road, if that. We are nearly there, still in traffic that is mostly standing still when I hear Elliet in the back, "Click it. Click it." I look back, and sure enough, she's trying to buckle her car seat straps. Her arms weren't even in the straps, I had literally just set her in the seat! Fear and panic...and then realizing that we were sitting still along with every car around us and the driveway was maybe ten feet ahead. Bad Mommy!

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